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Saina's Spotify Specials

Underrated Artists you need to listen to ASAP!

We’ve got Olivia Rodrigo, Harry styles, Taylor swift and more, but I’m here to tell you about the singers you may not have heard of. There’s a wide range of genres, from songs to cry about on your bathroom floor, to songs to blast out during late night drives with your friends.

This is in no particular order, but I’m going to be a bit biased and put my favorites at the top.

1) JAX- a 10/10, I strongly recommend WIDE RANGE OF SONGS- pop

Trying not to be biased but I absolutely love 90’s kids so so much. I found her on YouTube a while back and I am OBSESSED! She has a large variety of songs and regularly posts content on her YouTube and Tik tok. My favorite songs are:

90’s kids: Probably more relatable if you’re actually a 90’s kid, but nevertheless it is still a bop. The chorus is just amazing. This is a pop song with a fun beat. Perfect to just chill out to. (Plus is has a Rachel and Ross reference so extra points, like we all know FRIENDS references are elite.) Like my father: Definitely a more emotional song, it’s about her parents. I love the tune and lyrics. Just overall a great song. Ring pop: Again a really chill song, I could imagine chilling in the park with this song on.

2) Charlotte Lawrence


Definitely erring the side of mainstream, she's probably the most popular artist on this list, but she’s still underrated in my opinion. Listen to the acoustic version of her album “Charlotte.” Honestly for me, since majority of her songs are slow and sad, I wouldn’t typically listen to her music, but the acoustic version of “Talk you down” and “Slow motion” are really good. If you’re into emotional and slow songs, you would probably really enjoy these.

3) Charlotte Sands


The song “Dress”, especially it’s chorus will make you fall in love. I’m not a fan of her other songs but that’s just my opinion. Go ahead and give “Dress” a listen!! You might have heard this one because it’s fairly popular.

4) New Rules


New rules is a boy band with AMAZING and really fresh songs. Despite the inconspicuous name, “Pasta” is a really great, almost addictive song. I added it to almost all of my playlists straight away. I love their music so much, so would 100% recommend.

5) We Three


A co-ed band with a few hits, and a couple of personal misses. I’m not a huge fan of some of their other songs but “Half Hearted” is beautiful. I would suggest a listen to this tune for everyone, because even if you usually don’t like slow songs, the melody is so catchy.

6) Ronnie Watts


She’s a great singer, and she has a bunch of songs that I think would appeal to different people. For me personally the remix of her song “Sad Summer” is called “Sad Summer- but it’s not summer anymore” is perfection, although I prefer the remix, it’s just more upbeat. Please go listen to the remix, you will love it! She has a bunch of other really good songs too, I love “Big House” too!

7) Jillian Rossi


I discovered her very recently, so I haven’t heard all her songs yet, but the one I did listen to stirred up a LOT of feelings. “Fever Dream” is the BEST, so I would recommend listening to that.

8) Cate


She has this really catchy song called “Groupie", backed with Taylor Swift kinda vibes. Suggestion- Check it out, you won't regret it.



Their song “Hey, kid” makes me want to go on a late night drive and just blast it with my friends. Although I’m not a fan of their other tracks, I’m sure theirs someone out their who really needs to listen to them.

10) Clara Mae


Not sad anymore”, “Alright”, and “Lost without you” are genuinely so good!

A couple more pro bono publico suggestions: Ella Jane (Nothing else I could do), Jeremy Shade (Ballerina)- Total Ed Sheeran vibes, HARIZ (The reason), LANY (I quit drinking and Dancing in the kitchen)

I hope this helps you guys!

Saina Munjal

(she/her), India

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