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Geminis; Two Faces and Most People Like Neither

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Let's take a leaf out of the gemini book and not commit... to hating them.

“He’s a Gemini?” I asked incredulously as a friend of mine finished gushing about a guy she was talking to. We sat there berating the emotional range of a Gemini, while I neglected to acknowledge that my best friend of fourteen years is a gemini. Despite ending most days joining Madison Beer in asking why someone is “always such a Gemini,” all the close friends I have accumulated over the years have been Geminis. The truth is Geminis can suck, but you love them anyway. Let’s stop avoiding people born between May 21st and June 21st! As a forgiving, insightful Pisces, despite them being the star sign I am least compatible with, I am asking you to give Geminis a chance. Even if they end up hurting you… you’ll be invited to a summer birthday bash.

If you call a gemini, expect gossip not a heart to heart. While there are always outliers, it goes without saying that Geminis are terrible listeners! They don’t want to talk about your breakup, your family problems, your upcoming test, your trust issues, or anything ‘you’ related. They want to talk about themselves! Expect your Gemini friend to respond to your emotional story with a frivolous one, god forbid they get emotional about anyone or anything. You just have to turn a conversation about your fight into a story about the cool, new friend they made. Perhaps it’s insensitive but it may just get you out of your slump. Why waste your breath talking about someone who didn’t deserve you when they are telling you all about someone who might? Geminis are out here living their best lives, so go join them! Don’t dwell on the past, (I know this is hypocritical to say as a Pisces,) laugh it off with your gemini friends.

Geminis have commitment issues, yes, but at least they aren’t making promises they can’t keep. I have spent so many nights up trying to keep commitments I was too busy to make, you’ll never see a gemini do the same. The truth is committing to something you can’t never end well, so don’t hate Geminis for not inflicting that pain on themselves. A Gemini friend of mine took five years of secondary school to commit to a relationship, so she found the right guy. I’ve never had a gemini friend cry to me about someone hurting them, because they refuse to get unnecessarily emotionally attached. Let’s not hate them for saving us from heartbreak. We might not get a lot from Geminis but at least we get everything we were promised.

Geminis are flighty. It’s true, if your soiree is not up to the standard of those hosted by Blair Waldorf, don’t expect your gemini friends to attend. They’re not going to be the friend who has heart to hearts with you at 2am because no one attended your party… So what? Did you really want to be there crying to your Pisces friend because no one showed up… absolutely not! You wanted a party, and your Gemini friends will make you throw one! Say goodbye to second guessing guest lists or song choices, if your Gemini friend attends you know you’ve done something right. The talkative sign has lunch plans everywhere tomorrow, so if they’re meeting you at 1pm, consider it an ego boost.

The ultimate reason everyone hates Geminis? They have a lower emotional range than Ron Weasley, you can’t change it. Hearing a Gemini tell you they love you is like hearing a Cancer tell you they don’t. The truth is calls on birthdays or love letters are just not how Geminis work. If they love you, they just love you, they never feel a need to prove it. While it’s always nice to have tangible reassurance just know that Geminis don’t ‘need’ anybody and they certainly don’t befriend out of pity. Knowing that a Gemini only has you around because they want to, might just be all the reassurance you need.

Perhaps there are valid reasons as to why Geminis are amongst the most hated zodiac signs, but you can appreciate anyone while Leos are around. They may not be making you friendship bracelets, but your best memories will be made with Geminis. They might be two-faced, but both of them will show you a good time. So really, if you don’t like either face… you’re the picky one.

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