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Frivolous's Ultimate Summer Bucket List

For the epic movie summer adventure of our dreams.

For cities with beaches and water bodies...

  • Summer bonfire night

  • A beach picnic

  • By the ocean golden hour photo shoot

  • Kayaking, banana boating or paddle boarding

  • Beach side bike rides

  • Sunrise/Sunset watching

  • Friendly beach volleyball match

For warmer cities with no water...

  • A pool day

  • Backyard slip and slide

  • Day in fruit fields/farms

  • Dance in the rain (or under sprinklers)

  • Night swimming

  • Ice cream/ FroYo tasting (A personal favorite)

  • Make popsicles

For the cities where summers are still chilly...

  • Go hiking or enjoy a nature trail

  • Hit up the skate park

  • Bonfires and dessert sampling! (Everyone gets a dessert- a box of brownies, cookies, marzipan, and everyone eats some!)

  • Drive in movies/ Backyard projector movies

  • Grill/BBQ competition

  • Backyard (or real) camping

  • A friends only field day (because when its friends only you don't need to worry about your lack of athleticism)

  • Stargazing night

For the rainy days...

  • Movie Nights/Days

  • Group Binge a TV show

  • A mini Bake Off/ MasterChef day

  • Museum day

  • Pretend you're famous artists- get canvases or art paper and some paint and channel your inner Monet.

  • Paint pottery- buy some terracotta pots for your succulents and paint away!

  • Fondue Night- whether its cheese or chocolate, its almost always super fun, especially when you play with the rules.

For the days where its just two people...

  • Make epic milkshakes/ smoothies- this is the time to make that double chocolate cookie dough espresso shake.

  • Pillow forts

  • Thrift shop each other outfits

  • Puzzle day!

  • Feign being tourists- roam your town like you've never been there before, do all the typical tourist activities.

  • 2015 DIYs together- go back to your favorite you tubers from the early 2010s and go wild with the DIYs.

  • Spin the wheel and see where you eat- enter a few different places to eat into a spin the wheel website and let that decide where you go!

  • Go Karting

When your best friends are over and have nothing to do

  • Trivia or Karaoke

  • Polo, Mini Golf, Bowling, or an Arcade Day

  • Laser Tags or Escape Rooms

  • Giant Twister

  • Turn a giant trampoline/old treehouse/spare room/garage into a hangout spot

  • Amusement/Theme Park

  • Rent a boat for the day/ Go horse riding

  • Grocery/Department store scavenger hunt

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