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10 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

It's nearly halloweekend, how do you not have a costume ready yet? Worry not, here's a list of really simple but cute costumes you can probably make with things you already own. Most of these work in groups, and as solo costumes as well!

10) Pirates!

Fun as a group, fun alone, and fun as a couples costume- Pirates are always the answer to all your Halloween problems. It's so easy, you never need all hands on deck to figure it out!

  • a white linen/ flow-y shirt

  • leather bottoms


  • A long white flowy dress with a leather belt

  • A bandana

  • Fishnets if you’re wearing a skirt

Bonus Points- Print out a tiny skull and stick it onto a hat for a makeshift pirate hat. If you want to be a little extra, stick it on a piece of fabric stitched to a headband for an replacement eye-patch.

9) Sun, Moon and Stars

This is a group costume that requires literally NO coordination, but is still super cute, and very Tumblr 2016.

  • 2 friends

  • a Yellow/Gold Outfit

  • a White outfit

  • a glittery Silver Outfit

Bonus Points- You can easily make sun rays with a headband and some yellow or gold paper and cardboard!

8) The Scarecrow

Adorable and mostly make-up based, this costume could work as a duo or group costume with a tin man, a Lion, a Dorothy or even a witch!

  • A straw hat

  • A red or brown outfit

  • A pair of boots

  • Scarecrow make-up

7) A Sexy "Mouse" or any other Animal, Human or even Vegetation!

Obviously inspired by the Mean Girls lyric, you could always dress up as Karen! This is hands down the easiest costume to throw together at the last second.

  • A slip dress resembling the animals color or print

  • A headgear or tail matching the same.

If you don't have headgear, and you're not the DIY sort, you can use face paints or make-up to add some whiskers, a nose or some spots!

6) Tinkerbell and her fairy friends

All you need are a few friends and a bunch of fairy wings and you're set. There's a pink fairy, a purple fairy, a blue fairy, a yellow fairy, and of course, Tink, the green fairy!

  • A dress that matches the fairy's color

  • Wings (Amazon always has them on Prime Delivery)

  • Cotton balls or flowers stuck onto a pair of heels or flats (changes from fairy to fairy)

5) Dancing Girl Emoji

  • Black Outfit (you can use a body suit and booty shorts to recreate it without a leotard)

  • Cat Ears

4) Power Puff Girls

A Halloween classic, and ridiculously easy to pull off, the Power Puff Girls remain recognizable icons no matter where you are.

  • Green, Blue or Pink Outfits

  • 2 Friends

3) Literally Any Disney princess

  • A dress or outfit the colour of their gown

  • Clear or White Shoes for Cinderella

  • A red bow Snow White

  • A plastic Rose for Belle (You get the idea)

2) Barbie (doctor, pilot, 50s- depends completely on what you have in stock)

With Barbie's hundreds of careers, its pretty easy to through together almost anything and call it a "barbie" costume. If you wanna stick to a more traditional approach, here you go!

  • A hot-pink dress

  • Mini handbag

  • Pumps or pink heels

1) Alien or an Extra-Terrestrial

This is one of the easiest costumes to put together because it is so make-up dependent! A little glitter eyeshadow and a couple of strange looking eyeliner tattoos can make this costume look fantastic in no time!

  • Shiny outfit

  • Antennae (can be cotton balls or pompoms on a head band)

  • Lots of highlighter and glitter

If you've made it to the end and still don't have a costume you like, here are a few honorable mentions that may just be the ones for you. If you're still in need of a little more inspiration, head to our Instagram!

Honourable Mentions

-> Poison Ivy (The plant, not the character)

If you have the fake ivy walls that are all over TikTok, just pull off a string, and tape it to your sandals and you hands. Coupled with a green dress, it's a stunning, and one might even say, killer costume.

-> Ghosts (like the TikTok trend)

You know the drill- Sheets, Scissors, a cap, and a pair of sunnies- that's all you need. If it's REALLY last minute- you gotta do what you gotta do!

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