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About Frivolous

Hi! Welcome to Frivolous, a site we created to tell girls that being "feminine," even in the most traditional sense, has no bearing on their intelligence. We wanted to offer teenagers a platform to share and discuss all the ‘frivolous’ interests they are condemned for. Many of us face the problem of being told by our elders that our interests don’t matter. They are deemed superficial, frivolous. When our mentors, guardians and parents look down on what is important to us it is hard to receive guidance. With all of our social environments so restricted, it is more necessary than ever that we try to forge connections with each other as we are all facing the same predicament at a crucial point in our personal development. Our hope is that through our various discussion panels we can share our experiences so that we are able to tackle all of our frivolous issues healthily and with support. 

'Hi Society' is a series of discussion panels where you are able to write messages to teenagers and young adults around the world, about various topics and receive advice from people to whom it matter. We carefully control the content to make sure it is purely helpful, in the hope to create a safe space away from the toxicity and politicization of the modern media.

Our Magazine contains articles about a range of miscellaneous topics written by teenagers around the world (view our contact page to submit!) They include but are not limited to personal stories, reviews, ratings and pieces which shed light on the ‘serious’ aspects of many things we are judged for caring about.

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text me when you're home

So what we're saying when we say "text me when you're home" is: I'm here for you. Whenever you need me, I'll be there. This is me saying I'll watch your drink. I'll cross the street to walk with you. I'll pretend I know you. It's more than 'I love you ', it's 'I need to know you're safe.' It's a reminder that we need to stick together whether we've been sharing secrets since we were three or all we've shared is a scared look.

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About Us

Hi! Here's a little about us!

We're two teens living in Europe and Asia who bonded over creating fairy wands from straws as kids. We've always struggled with being seen as stereotypically "school smart" and nerdy while also allegedly 'wasting' our potential by spending time on our various 'frivolous' interests. To us, Frivolous is a safe space for us to talk about our shopping addictions, love for the movie Clueless, and the hours spent baking instead of studying.

 Here's to us doing heavy reading and carrying the weight of a bad horoscope!

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